World of Dinosaurs/Coelophysis

Basics edit

Coelophysis means "Hollow Form".

Coelophysis lived during the Triassic Period.

Anatomy edit

  • Long slender skull
  • Stands on elongated toes
  • reduction in number of digits
  • Upright stance on rear legs
  • long neck and tail

Phylogeny edit

Coelophysis is a theropod.

All theropods are dinosaurs.

All dinosaurs are amniotes and all dinosaurs are tetrapods.

Biomechanics edit

Coelophysis jaws act much like a lever, making it more suited for a slashing motion.

Fossil Record edit

Coelophysis are mainly found in New Mexico.

Ecology edit

Coelophysis lived in an environment with fish, based on remains found in fossilized stomachs.

Grasses and flowers had not evolved yet.

Biogeography edit

Coelophysis most likely lived in a dry, desert-like environment.