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The UN PhilatelicEdit

The UN (United Nations) is regarded as a supra-national postal administration.

Argentina was the first in 1947 to propose that the United Nations to publish its own postal value. In 1951 the United Nations reached an agreement with the United States to issue a postal value in U.S. currency and use only within the UN headquarters in New York. On October 24, 1951, at the United Nations Day, was issued the first stamp.

There are three offices in charge of stamps in UN New York began to issue stamps in 1951, followed by Geneva in 1969 and Vienna in 1979.

The stamps issued by the UN nature linked to the value and supranational political organization, and so there is a strong preference for themes related to peace and development. Another strand is followed very dedicated to the flora and fauna, natural beauty. Do not miss emissions themed space (and human space exploration adventures), the UNESCO world heritage, the family, the integration of the races to road safety etc..

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