Woodworking/The Woodworkers Library

In addition to WikiBooks, and other free / Internet resources, there are many great books on woodworking. What follows is a list of some of them (and by no means complete), and where they may be acquired. It may be noted that some of these books are available used ( through places such as Amazon.com ) at very low cost plus shipping. This list is by no means an endorsement of the products listed, but rather resources that some have found profitable. In this section, it should be noted that there are books, out of print, and public domain that can be downloaded from places like Project Gutenberg (https://www.gutenberg.org) on a variety of subjects including woodworking. An example of this (within the subject of woodworking) is a book on Woodworking Joints by William Fairham, which is available from many sources, including Project Gutenberg. One of the advantages of these public domain books, especially to the hand tool woodworker, is that many were published at or before the advent of home / hand held power tools (The first powered hand drill was made by C&E Fien in 1895, and gained its current familiar shape in 1916 via Black and Decker. Another early power hand tool maker and innovator was Porter-Cable), and therefore show everything done through the use of simple hand tools. It should also be noted here that there are also available on the Internet illegal copies of currently copyrighted books, generally hosted in countries whose laws are less stringent than some, or less stringently enforced. It is recommended to avoid these, as such sites can be dangerous to your computer, and the books which may be downloaded there are illegally published (respect intellectual property - book authors have a right and need to profit from their work).

The Practical Woodworker - Bernard Jones. A series of four books from Popular Woodworking Books, and available through on and off line booksellers. Volume 1 deal with tools and techniques, and is the most fundamental and perhaps important.

The Complete Woodworker - Bernard Jones Originally from Ten Speed Press, and available through on and off line booksellers. This book duplicates some of the material in "The Practical Woodworker", but is well worth the price.

The WoodWright's Shop books - Roy Underhill A series of books that is a companion to the PBS program "The Woodwright's Shop". This series of books is originally from the University of North Carolina Press, and available through on and off line booksellers.

The Toolbox Book - Jim Tolpin A book from Taunton Press, and available through on and off line booksellers, this book will take you through the world of woodworking toolboxes from classic to modern, and from mild to wild.