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Hilda L. Smith is a Professor of History at the University of Cincinnati. She is the author of Reason’s Disciples: Seventeenth-Century English Feminists (1982) and two edited volumes, Women Writers and the Early Modern British Political Tradition (1998) and Women’s Social and Political Thought: An Anthology (2000). More recently, she has raised the argument of Alice Clarks’s in the journal Early Modern Women on women’s labour.

General Information:

Name: edit

Hilda L. Smith

Born: edit

7th September 1941- Present[1]

Nationality: edit

American (USA)[2]

Occupation: edit

Author, Editor, Honoree,[3] Historian,[2] Teacher/Professor

Education: edit

Smith completed her undergraduate work at MSU in education. She completed her masters in history at the University of Missouri and later went on to receive her doctorate from University of Chicago for PhD in the 1970.

Period of active works: edit


Genre(s): edit

History, Sources, Bibliographies, Criticism, Interpretation, Academic thesis[3]

Notable works: edit

All Men and Both Sexes: Gender Politics, and the False Universal in England, 1640-1832 edit

Generations of Women Historians; Within and Beyond the Academy edit

Reason’s Discipline: Seventeenth-Century English Feminists edit

Women and the Literature of the Seventeenth Century: an Annotated Bibliography based on Wing’s “Short Title Catalogue” edit

Women Writers and the Early Modern British Political Tradition edit

Women’s Political & Social Thought: an Anthology edit

Women’s Political Writings, 16010-1725 edit

Scholar's statements on her work: edit

“Hilda Smith's book still stands as the first serious history of early English feminism in our time, the first attempt to consider the collective political consciousness of women of the early mod? ern period, and their relation to the male institutions in which they found themselves confined. It is a significant achievement.” Ruth Perry, Review: Writing the History of English Feminism.

Career and Works: edit

Historian and Author and then After graduate studies, went to further move onto teaching at the University of Cincinnati as a Professor of History. She now is a professor emerita, and has been retired for approximately two years. She continuously travels to England on a regular basis for research.[4][5]

Works: edit

28 works in 128 publications in English[3]

Countries and Regions of Publication: edit

United States (US), United Kingdom, Switzerland, Kiribati[3]

Co-authors: edit

Susan, Cardinale; Susan Wiseman; Mihoko, Suzuki; A.Berenice, Carroll; S.Melinda, Zook; Institute Folger; Cambridge University Press; Melinda Zook; Donald, Wing; Donald Goddard, Wing.[3]

Influences: edit

British women in the 17th and 18th centuries[6]

Legacy: edit

Short Description of Books: edit

All Men and Both Sexes: Gender Politics, and the False Universal in England, 1640-1832: edit

This text prevails in the way it utilises language and universal terms. The book analyses the use of terms such as “people”, “humans” and “man” in early modern England. The use of these terms suggest that women do have a role in this work, when really they are unmentioned throughout. Hilda suggests in the text that in order to focus on the Rights of Man and the exclusion of women, we need to expedite the past to the English Revolution. To explore the values of citing educational treatises, advice literature to young people, guild records, popular periodicals, and parliamentary debates. Ultimately the text explores the gender difference between men and women in the literature of history. Pages: 235. Edition: illustrated. Publisher: Pen State Press, 2010. ISBN: 027104604X, 9780271046044[7]

Generations of Women Historians: Within and Beyond the Academy: edit

Is a collection of essay pieces which idealises the early generation of women historians and their consistent battle to grasp the professional realities in their lives. It dives into the insight of their social and intellectual aspects that inspired the study of history. The text conveys the message of female practitioners over time, disclosing the values women faced in order to exist as a historian compared to their male counterparts. 320 pages. Publication date: 1st August 2018. Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG. Publication origin: Cham, Switzerland. Edition: 1st. ISBN10: 3319775677. ISBN13: 97833197756781[4]

Women and the Literature of the Seventeenth Century: an Annotated Bibliography based on Wing’s “Short Title Catalogue”: edit

This book is a bibliography of seventeenth century works for and by women. It examines 1,600 written pieces between 1641 and 1700. The text is split into several parts where it explores the works of women in history neglected by their era. Pages: 332. Series: no.10. Publisher: Greenwood Press, New York, 1990. ISBN: 031322059X.

Reason’s Discipline: Seventeenth-Century English Feminists: edit

Pages: 237. Publisher: University of Illinois Press, 1982. ISBN: 0252009126, 9780252009129.

Women Writers and the Early Modern British Political Tradition: edit

This text is a collection of essays and political writings from authors such as, Christine de Pizan to Mary Wollstonecraft. It analyses the political ideas of female writers and their historical background. This edition brings to light the limitations put on women's writing of a political nature in early modern Europe. The text examines what is typically ignored by historians on political thought, by the neglection of feminist intervention. Pages: 392. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1998. ISBN: 0521585090, 9780521585095. [8]

Women’s Political & Social Thought: an Anthology:[9][10] edit

This collection of texts marks the first selection of readings of women's social and political theory from past and present. This book helps to fill a gap in the materials that are available for teaching the history of political thought and helps to facilitate the education of women as creators of historical and political theory. Pages: 449. Edition: Annotated. Publisher: Indiana University Press, 2000. ISBN: 02543337585, 9780253337580. Women’s Political Writings, 16010-1725: this book examines a collection of women’s poltical writings from the Seventeenth century. The text idealises the foundation essential in female political plan. Pages: 1584. Publisher: Routledge, January 2007. ISBN: 9781851967926.

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