Wisdom in wiki production/Wiki literature

This page contains a brief list of books about wikis and their use and also about peer production in general. Please see also the list vertaistuotannon laatu (peer production quality). If a work you know is missing from here, please add it.



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URL https://publications.theseus.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/12737/Laasonen_Milla_Ahdistaako_avoimuus_Theseus.pdf

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URL http://hlab.ee.tut.fi/hmopetus/sosiaalinen-media/wikit-opetuskaytto-mahdotonko-yhtalo

Wisdom in wiki production contents
Wisdom in wiki production Home 1. Introduction 2. Starting to use wikis 3. Different uses of wikis 4. Target groups of wikis 5. Introducing a wiki for use 6. Wiki content production process 7. Good wiki material 8. Wiki literature