Windows XP/End of Support

End of SupportEdit

As of April 8th, 2014 Microsoft announced that they will no longer provide support for technical issues or create new security updates for Windows XP.[1]

What does this mean?Edit

If new security vulnerabilities are found and exploited by malicious people or software, Microsoft will not develop a security update (often called a "patch") to fix the vulnerability for the operating system. This puts Windows XP at risk because it means that any new issues or problems that are found with it will not be corrected by Microsoft. Other security providers may still provide applications and support for Windows XP beyond this date.


Microsoft recommends that people still using Windows XP should migrate to a newer operating system as soon as possible. This means copying files and settings from Windows XP to a supported operating system which will still receive technical support and security updates from Microsoft. Also, some may prefer to not transfer files from Windows XP and start with a new operating system with no files on it.