Windows Movie Maker/Editing YouTube videos

Many video edit programs are available these days. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, Adobe Premiere Elements, etc. Windows Movie Maker is one of them. It is usually preinstalled in your Windows XP and located on C:\Program Files\Windows Movie Maker. You can use it to edit video clips from your digital camera or phone, or even use it to make your own home movie. It is not the best one. However, it is the most prevalent one for the conveniently accessible as well as free of charge.

Although with many advantage, Windows Movie Maker only supports a limited amount of file formats like WMV, AVI. If you want to produce your own home movie with video clips catch your fancy in YouTube, a couple of things are necessary. Download the YouTube video and then edit it in Windows Movie Maker

Use a Firefox plug-in to download video from YouTubeEdit

Several solutions can be taken for this process. Input "YouTube download tool" in a search engine, and you will find huge amount of tools. If you use the Firefox browser, the free plug-in, named Easy YouTube Video Downloader, can help you do that job. In Firefox, go to Tools > Add ons, find “Easy YouTube Video Downloader” and download it. After installation, you can see a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox window. Click it to download the video you are watching. In Video download window, click “download link”, then you can download the video in the MP4 format.

Convert YouTube video to Windows Movie Maker for editionEdit

Windows Movie Maker often supports video files like asf, avi, .m1v, mp2, .mp2v, mpe, .mpeg, mpg, mpv2, wm, wmv. Edit YouTube video In Windows Movie Maker, we should to convert YouTube video to those video formats that can be compatible in Windows Movie Make. VLC is the all-in-one video file format converter that can be used to convert YouTube video formats to Windows Movie Maker for edition. Once downloaded and installed on Windows XP, you can select your WMV or AVI file to convert for use in Windows Movie Maker.

Be free to open Windows Movie Maker, import the converted YouTube video to start a new project. Enjoy the digital life and share your own home movie around!