Windows Movie Maker/Capturing video from device

Windows movie maker can directly import video from a mini DV video camera.

  1. Connect your video device. Mini DV video cameras can be connected using a FireWire cable. For more on connecting video devices (which usually means video cameras or webcams), see Connecting video devices.
  2. Under the TASKS tab, and under CAPTURE VIDEO, click on CAPTURE FROM VIDEO DEVICE.
  3. This will bring up a wizard. Follow the instructions. When you choose your video settings, recommended is, well, recommended, because although the quality is fairy low, it takes up a minuscule amount of space. DV-AVI has the best possible quality, as it is uncompressed video. However, this means it takes up a lot of space, memory-wise.
  4. Your video will now appear in the form of lots of thumbnails, in the COLLECTIONS space (the main, biggest space in the centre of the screen).
A miniDV digital video camera. Many cameras are compatible with Windows Movie Maker.