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Image Resizer for Windows is a replacement for Resize-O-Matic that works with Windows 7

Ever need to simply resize a mass of images with ease? Resize-O-Matic is a quick and convenient way to do that. It will add a new option to your context-menu.

The text-option that Resize-O-Matic will install.

Downloading edit

Installing edit

  1. Double click the icon
  2. Click Next until you can no longer hit Next.
  3. Click Finish

Using edit

The basic options of Resize-o-matic

When Resize-o-matic resizes images, it does not by default replace the original copy. It just saves another copy under a new name. For instance, if you resize foo.jpg you will have a new file named foo (Small).jpg.

  1. Select image(s)
  2. Select desired size
    • For the purpose of the web you almost surely want 640x480.
  3. Click Ok

Advanced Usage edit

Resize-O-Matic also supports a few "advanced" options. They aren't really all that advaned.

  1. Custom resizing dimensions
  2. Make pictures smaller but not larger
  3. Resize the original pictures (don't create copies!).
    • This is probably the most useful feature.

Footnotes edit

  1. ^ This link was current at the time of writing 04-08-2008

Image/Image Resizer for Windows

Image Resizer for Windows is a lot like Resize-O-Matic except it is built using .NET 4 and works on Windows 7. You can find it here: