William Shakespeare's Works/Lost Plays

A good number of Shakespeare's plays have been lost to time. Others have been mis-attributed or wrongly attributed to other authors. One example of this is "The Two Noble Kinsmen." While it was originally considered to be a dual authorship between Shakespeare and John Fletcher, it is currently considered to be "canon", or primarily a Shakespearean work.

Lost Plays

  • Edward III
  • Sir Thomas More
  • Cardenio
  • Love's Labours Won
  • The Birth of Merlyn
  • Locrine
  • The London Prodigal
  • The Puritan
  • The Second Maiden's Tragedy
  • Double Falsehood
  • Richard II, Part One: Thomas of Woodstock
  • Sir John Oldcastle
  • Thomas Lord Cromwell
  • A Yorkshire Tragedy
  • Fair Em
  • Mucedorus
  • The Merry Devil of Edmonton
  • Arden of Faversham
  • Edmund Ironside
  • Vortigern and Rowena