William Shakespeare's Works/Introduction

Why this Wikibook? edit

The basic point of this Wikibook is to allow anyone surfing the web to be able to use a reliable text about Shakespeare's works (his plays and poems). Also, along with every play, there is a brief explanation of its origins, plot, and themes. Perfect for homework use! Alongside some of the plays, there is a plot summary, either act-by-act or scene-by-scene. Be sure to make the most use out of this marvelous collection on facts on Shakespeare's works, along with the works themselves.

Original Plays edit

The original plays of Shakespeare can be found here. They are not available at Wikibooks because Wikisource is a better location for original texts. When you have read the play you can return by clicking "back" on your browser.

How to Edit edit

If a Renaissance word is found that has a better Contemporary English replacement, put that word in italic parentheses. For example...
almanack (almanac)
That way, the reader can distinguish the original Shakespearian word from a better modern English replacement.

If you are adding a play, please use a table for putting the play in. Look at "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for an example (Click on edit this page). Don't forget to put in a section on the basis of the play, including: when and why it was written, a brief summary, and the main themes of the plays, if applicable.
THANK YOU! ......Peteturtle and other authors.