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WikiEqual (formerly Wikipedia Equality) edit

This is a collection of articles published by the WikiEqual (formerly Wikipedia Equality) Movement, a movement dedicated to improving female and minority representation on Wikipedia. The reform of the Notability criteria is our current central focus. All articles are available under CC BY-SA.

These articles are aimed at starting a discussion around WikiEqual (formerly Wikipedia Equality), and they represent the ideas of those who want reform, and want to make reform possible. The opposing arguments are also dealt with in most articles.

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TaraElla edit

TaraElla is a classical liberal writer. She started the Wikipedia Equality project in April 2017. She is a Wikipedian herself[1].

Values edit

TaraElla believes in the equality of people regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. She believes that only classical liberal values will advance this equality, and to achieve liberty and equality, gatekeeping should be removed as much as possible throughout society. Note that, in TaraElla's articles, 'liberal' means classical liberal, 'social justice' has its classical liberal meaning, and 'feminism' means classical feminism, i.e. that of 19th-century thinker John Stuart Mill, for example.

Wikipedia Equality edit

TaraElla believes that Wikipedia Equality can only be achieved if the Notability Criteria is abolished. This stems from her belief that any gatekeeping is detrimental to true equality and inclusion.

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