Wikimedia/Wikimedia Incubator

Wikimedia Incubator is where new languages of Wikimedia projects are developed before being deployed for general use.

The logo of Wikimedia Incubator.

Wikimedia Incubator, inaugurated on June 2, 2006, stands as a remarkable digital crucible within the expansive landscape of the Wikimedia Foundation's endeavors. This wiki-based platform, orchestrated by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, shares its virtual home with celebrated projects like Wikipedia, and yet, it carves out a distinctive niche of its own. The Incubator, as its name suggests, serves as the nurturing ground for aspiring language editions of Wikimedia projects, a hallowed space where linguistic diversity finds expression, and cultures take root in the global digital encyclopedia. It is a testament to the Wikimedia Foundation's commitment to inclusivity and the preservation of linguistic heritage that the Incubator was conceived and continues to thrive.