Wikimedia/User Rights

Different Wikimedia wikis have different user rights. User rights are flags given to a user account, that let them perform certain actions. Some of them are listed below, with a brief description of each.

  • Autoconfirmed : A right automatically attained after 10 edits on the wiki. This right allows users to edit semi-protected pages, and perform certain advanced actions, such as using some gadgets.
  • Autopatroller: A right that automatically marks the user's edits as patrolled.
  • Patroller: Patrollers can mark edits and pages as patrolled, so other patrollers don't have to check it. Once an edit is patrolled, other patrollers will assume the edit was constructive (or was unconstructive, and was reverted by you).
  • Rollbacker : Rollbackers can undo multiple edits at once. This tool is especially useful for anti-vandalism cases.
  • Reviewer: A right introduced on some wikis which allows users to approve edits for the public to view. Anyone can revert these edits, however.
  • File mover: A right that allows the user to move files. Only active on some wikis.
  • Template editor: A right that allows the user to edit protected templates. Only active on some wikis.
  • IP block exempt: Allows the user to avoid IP bans.


  • Administrator: Unlocks many administrative functions, such as protection, deletion, revision deletion, blocking etc. This right automatically grants all rights listed above, except IP block exempt, which has to be granted separately. Basic rights to Special:UserRights have been given.
  • Bureaucrat: Allows the user to use the full installation of Special:UserRights, allowing the user to grant and revoke bot and administrator rights. Until the feature was revoked in 2014, Bureaucrats could rename users locally.
  • Oversight: Allows the user to hide revisions from the public and admins. This should only be used in exceptional circumstances. WMF requires that Oversighters should be over 18 years old.
  • CheckUser: Allows the user to list all IPs that have been used by a user, and vice versa. WMF requires that CheckUsers should be over 18 years old.