The content of this page is a proposal for the local Manual of Style of this book.

Book structureEdit

  • Keep the book structure "flat" (i.e., no subchapters) for easy reading and linking.
  • Use proper book title naming (i.e., Wikimedia/Subpage Name, not Wikimedia/Subpage name (administrative pages like this one being a notable exception).
  • No transcluded categories (if templates are used, don't include categories, so that the book's category structure can be kept as simple as possible).

General MOSEdit

  • This is a wikibook, so it should be worked on in the spirit of all wikibooks. Wikipedians should resist the urge to link every term or phrase, because wikibooks really just doesn't work that way. (If you feel you absolutely must link terms used here, use the [[w:term to be linked|]] format (don't forget the pipe at the end, which makes the "w:" disappear... this will be discussed further in chapter on the wikibooks MOS).

Sections on particular Wikimedia projectsEdit

  • "History" sections should start at the beginning, but need not be kept "up to the minute" (this is a book, not a newspaper).
  • "Culture" sections should be as NPOV as possible, pointing out both the strengths and weaknesses of the communities built around each project.
  • "MOS" sections (which need a better name) are about the policies and guidelines of each project. It should include the policies, how they evolved, why they were adopted, and why they are important. Remember that policy changes should not be discussed here, as this is just a book about Wikimedia, and shouldn't be mistaken for an administrative page.

Adapted from MOS of "Wikipedia" a Wikibook conceived and outlined by the user Johnny B.