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1)Backyard Pools

  • Safety first:
    • Fences, locks/latches, accessible phone, learn FA/CPR, supervise the pool when in use <--for parents
    • Use only w/ permission & direct supervision <--for kids
  • Use stats from drowning report

2)Small Boats

  • Lifejackets:
    • Wear them, even if you can swim, even ...
    • Wear one that fits (how to tell)
  • What to take in boats
    • Sometimes there are laws that tell you
    • Even if there aren't, here's what you should take in a boat
  • Stuff to do before leaving
    • Tell someone where you're going, when you'll be back
    • Check the weather, and prepare accordingly

3)Big Boats

  • maybe not necessary?

4)Cold Water and Ice

  • Ice thickness stuff
  • Falling through ice
    • Stay flat on ice; break away the thin stuff, and climb on the thicker ice
    • Call for help
    • If rescuing someone who's fallen in, stay flat on the ice and reach to them with something
    • Get to shelter after; basic hypothermia treatment

5)Public Pools and Supervised Waterfronts

  • What is the lifeguard's job?
    • We do prevention first, safety supervision second - we are not babysitters
  • What is the parent's job?
    • Supervise your children in accordance with facility rules (ie 2:1, 3:1 whatever) especially toddlers (insert stats from the latest drowning report)
  • If something happens, don't hesitate to let the guards know.