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Common Mullein
(Verbascum thapsus)
Second year plant
Common Mullein is a tall plant that lives for two years. During the first year it forms a bunch of leaves forming a circle around the plant's root. In the second year, it sends up a tall stem, sometimes over six feet tall. The stem is covered with flowers, but only a few of them are in bloom at a time. The flowers are yellow with five rounded petals. The leaves are covered with a very soft, velvety hair which leads to one of its many nicknames, "lamb's ear." If you find one of these plants, do take the time to feel the soft leaves.

Quick Facts:
Common Mullein has many medical uses, and has been found to be particularly effective for easing coughs. It can also be used to make a dye, and the stems have been used as torches.

First year plant