Wikijunior:Summer Flowers of Northern New England/Trifolium arvense

Rabbit's Foot Clover
(Trifolium arvense)
Whole plant with many flowers and leaves
Rabbit's foot clover is another type of clover with a pinkish flower. The flower also looks a little bit grey. It does not grow as tall as most clovers, and the flowers are not very bright. Because of this, it is often not even noticed.

The pinkish flowers are very hairy looking, and somewhat longer than they are wide. Like all clovers, the leafs are divided into three leaflets.

This is another clover that was brought to the America's as a pasture crop. It did not grow here before it was imported by the Europeans.

Quick Facts:
This plant got the name Rabbit's Foot Clover because of the shape and color of the flower. It looks just like a rabbit's foot!

Flower and leaf