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Bullhead Lily
(Nuphar variegata)
Close-up of the flower
Flower and leaves
Bullhead Lily is a yellow flower that grows in the shallow water of ponds. The leaves are large and heart-shaped, and they float on top of the water. They are lily pads in every sense of the word! The inside of the flower is usually a very busy place for insects. They are there to gather the flower's nectar, and in doing so, they pollinate the flower. The flowers grows at the end of a stem which pushes the blossom a couple of inches higher than the surface of the water. The stems can only grow to about 16 inches, so Bullhead Lilies cannot grow in water any deeper than that.

Quick Facts:
The seeds of the Bullhead Lily are edible and can be ground into a nutritious flour. Flour from flowers, right? The roots are edible too, but in some plants they are very bitter.