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Wikijunior:Summer Flowers of Northern New England/Lysimachia terrestris

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Swamp Candles
(Lysimachia terrestris)
A colony of Swamp Candles growing at the edge of a pond
Swamp Candles are pretty yellow flowers that grow on the edges of ponds. The flowers look a lot like those of its cousin, Whorled Loosestrife. Sometimes these two plants can cross breed. Though they both look very similar, the flowers on Swamp Candles grow only at the top of the plant. If you look closely at the flower of a Swamp Candle, you will notice that each of the five yellow petals as two tiny red dots near the bottom. All together, there are ten of these red dots forming a circle around the flower's center.

Quick Facts:
Swamp Candles can spread very rapidly by sending out underwater stems.

Swamp Candles (yellow) and Pickerelweed (purple)