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Orange Hawkweed
(Hieracium aurantiaca)
Single Flower
Leaves, stems, and flower
This plant is very similar to Mouse-ear Hawkweed, except that the flower is bright orange, and it can form a cluster of several flowers on one stem. Because of its bright orange color, Orange Hawkweed is sometimes called The Devil's Paintbrush. Orange Hawkweed is a low-growing plant, with a cluster of hairy leaves growing around the base of the stem, and one or more flowers blooming at the top.

Quick Facts:
Orange Hawkweed is not native to North America, but was brought here to grow in flower beds. It has since escaped from gardens, and now grows wild in many places. In New Zealand and Tasmania, it grows so well that it crowds out native species, and those governments have banned it.

Cluster of flowers