Wikijunior:Raspberry Pi/Introduction to Minecraft: Pi Edition

Minecraft: Pi Edition is a stripped-down version of Minecraft created by Mojang specifically to teach programming on the Raspberry Pi by including an API for the Python programming language. It is a popular tool though it was discontinued by Mojang in 2015.

Installation edit

Minecraft: Pi Edition was licenced to the Raspberry Pi Foundation exclusively for the Raspberry Pi and cannot be acquired (legitimately) elsewhere. It is preinstalled on Raspberry Pi OS (and the older Raspbian) images.

Unofficial projects edit

Minecraft: Pi Edition Reborn is an unofficial modification project designed to bring new features to Minecraft: Pi Edition and port it to other platforms.

Anti-griefing measures edit

Minecraft: Pi Edition allows players to enter other servers and potentially cause disruption. This can be mitigated using the Unified Firewall command ufw.

Further reading edit

Adventures in MinecraftMartin O'Hanlon, David WhaleWiley2018ISBN 978-1-11-9439585