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The location of Texas.

Texas is a state located in the South Central United States nicknamed the Lone Star State. Austin is the capital. Texas is the second largest U.S. state in both area and population. Houston is its largest city and fourth-largest in the United States, while the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area, also called the Metroplex, is the largest metropolitan area in the state and the fourth-largest in the nation.

The Flag of Texas

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Geography edit

Texas is located in southern central part of the United States. It borders Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Mexico.

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State Symbols edit

  • The state motto is "Friendship"
  • The state slogan is "The Friendly State"
  • The state bird is the northern mockingbird
  • The state fish is the Guadalupe bass
  • The state flower is the bluebonnet
  • The state insect is the monarch butterfly
  • The state reptile is the Texas horned lizard
  • The state tree is the pecan
  • The state food is chili
  • The state instrument is the guitar
  • The state shell is the lightning whelk
  • The state ship is the USS Texas
  • The state soil is Houston black
  • The state song is "Texas, Our Texas"
  • The state sport is rodeo
  • The state molecule is Buckyball