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The location of Ohio.

Ohio is a Midwestern state of the United States. Ohio was the first state admitted to the Union under the Northwest Ordinance. Natives of Ohio are known as Ohioans or Buckeyes, after the buckeye tree. Ohio is the 7th largest state in population. The capital and largest city is Columbus.

The Flag of Ohio

History edit

Ohio joined the United States of America on March 1st, 1803.

Geography edit

Ohio is known for the three C's, major cities which all begin with the letter C. These are Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

Other notable cities in Ohio include Dayton, Youngstown, and Toledo.

The southeast of Ohio is hilly and heavily forested. The Northwest of Ohio is very flat and was once a vast swampland.

Ohio is bordered by the important Ohio River to the south. Northern Ohio borders Canada on Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. Many of the Lake Erie islands belong to Ohio.

People edit

In 2020 11,808,848 people lived in Ohio.

State Symbols edit

The Buckeye tree is commonly associated with Ohio, as is the red cardinal bird.