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The location of Maine.

The State of Maine is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, New Hampshire to the southwest, the Canadian provinces of Quebec to the northwest and New Brunswick to the northeast. Maine is the northernmost portion of New England and is the easternmost state in the contiguous United States. It is known for its scenery—its jagged, mostly rocky coastline; its low, rolling mountains; and its heavily forested interior — as well as for its seafood cuisine, especially lobsters and clams. The capital of Maine is Augusta and the largest city is Portland. Maine has a famous national park called Acadia National Park, located mostly on a large island called Mount Desert Island, but also on surrounding islands and a nearby peninsula.

In the far north, many people speak French instead of English.

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Maine gained independence from Massachusetts on March 15, 1820.

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The south eastern coastal part of Maine, known as Downeast Maine, is known for it's many islands that surround the coast. This is the part of Maine that Acadia National Park is located on. Farther to the north Maine is less populated and more forested, and there is an equally famous state park by the name of Baxter State Park. This park is famous for its unique mountain called Katahdin, which is also where the Appalachian Trail ends.

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The Flag of Maine