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Wikijunior:Kings and Queens of England
Introduction The Anglo-Saxons

Welcome to the Wikijunior book on Kings and Queens of England.

In this book, we will start by looking at the very first Anglo-Saxon Kings of England. We will then move on to show how the Crown changed hands many times as a result of conquest. We see some powerful kings and some weak ones. We see how the Crown has battled Parliament. We look at the period where power finally did transfer to Parliament through to the times of our current queen, Elizabeth II. At the end we will also look at who the next kings of England may be.

We will find out about eleven Kings called Edward and nine called Henry and a nine-day queen and King Philip, who most people have now forgotten about. But first let's start way back in 871 with the Anglo-Saxons and the only king of England to be called "Great," Alfred.