Wikijunior:Future/20 years into the future

Mars colony

It’s 2043. Humans have probably set foot on the Red Planet (also known as Mars). NASA said it will take a bunch of grown-ups like your parents to Mars somewhere around 2033.

There, it's guaranteed there'll be 200 or 400 people on Mars, or in rare cases, probably a thousand.

Construction edit

A little city in UAE which many call the “Masdar City” will become a thing.

Meanwhile in Asia.... edit

And as for the Asians, a company in Japan called “Shimitzu Corporation” will have been done with building an underwater city which can keep 5,000 people. You could get a home there and see fish swim as you were going to bed.

Energy edit

Energy sources may finally have developed to harness nuclear fusion in a commercially viable way. Energy storage may have overcome past limitations too.

Transport edit

Maglev rail transport and ion propulsion may be widespread in their adoption.