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Labor LawEdit

An entrepreneurial student should know the legal conditions regarding child labor and entrepreneurship and, together with his school, find a way to let him or her do business as much as possible as if he has his own company. So with as few restrictions as possible.

Chamber of CommerceEdit

If an entrepreneur wants to start a business, he must register with the Chamber of Commerce. In that case his company can have assets and debts, enter into contracts, file lawsuits or be charged. If you are not yet of age then you will also have to find a solution for this with your parents, for example, with the school.

Establishment ActEdit

The legal provisions regarding the start-up of a business are laid down in the Establishment Act, which prescribes which permits or diplomas entrepreneurs who want to start a certain type of business must have. The entrepreneurial student must also investigate which legal provisions apply to his company.


Intellectual property rights protect ideas regardless of your age so that you can share them with others without fear of someone else getting away with them. Please note: the idea itself cannot be protected, but only what can arise from that idea. This legal protection was created to stimulate innovation because the entrepreneur receives compensation for the investments (money, resources, time) he or she has made.

The protection of entrepreneurs with regard to their creative productions is called intellectual property rights:

  • trademark: protects a trademark (one or more words and / or a logo) indefinitely against unauthorized use if it is registered.
  • copyright: protect a work of literature, science or art from being made public or reproduced by others.
  • drawing and design: protects a drawing or design for up to 25 years against industrial infringement.
  • trade name: protected against use by others of the trade name if this leads to confusion.
  • patent: Protects inventions (if deposited) by giving holders a monopoly for twenty years.



Most enterprising students are motivated to add something beautiful to the world. The beauty of entrepreneurial learning is that it also adds something beautiful to yourself. The reasons for that are

  • the personality of an entrepreneur is an important factor in the form and success of his companies
  • becoming aware of yourself is an important step in being aware of the other person and thereby developing a social attitude.
  • an effective learner is characterized by a high emotional intelligence.

Score higherEdit

In entrepreneurial learning, a student can achieve learning objectives from his own company. This is often only allowed if the entrepreneurial student can demonstrate that he learns the same or better with it than when he follows the classes. The entrepreneurial student wants to convince the teacher of this and he does this by scoring higher. Scoring higher is really something for an entrepreneur who wants to be able to determine what the result will be.