Wikijunior:Big Cats/Marozi

The marozi is considered a cryptid. A cryptid is an animal that hasn't been seen or studied by scientists: It is only known from stories. It may not exist.

The marozi is a rare species and it is the offspring of the lion and the leopard. Sometimes, it can also be just a spotted lion.

This species has adapted to living in the savanna and also in places with higher rainfall. It lives in Africa. The marozi has got a great vision. At night it can only see in black and white. It is a very big cat and it can run very fast. They have very powerful muscles. It sleeps 8 hours under trees like the lion. The diet of the marozi are water buffalos, warthogs, antelopes, small mammals... The mazori hunts well but it lacks stamina. This animal will be a normal species in 100 million years. They hear very well, they can hear even animals inside a burrow. They have much larger fangs and claws than the leopard. They prefer areas that have a lot of trees. It is the 5% or the 10% bigger than the modern leopard and lion. It hunts in packs like lions.

This animal is a very rare hybrid and we have to protect them so they don't become extinct so they can be the new big cats in 100 million years after. It is a very beautiful animal. In 100 million years they will dominate a great part of the savanna.