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The European robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a species of bird that is mainly brown with a red or orange breast. They have white feathers under their red ones. They have a twittering song. In Europe, they are known simply as 'robin' and should not be confused with the North American Robin. They are also called the 'gardener's friend'.


Listen! Who is this? That is a robin singing!


They eat insects and earthworms, but will also eat grains. Robins can be quite tame and often sit near gardeners so that they can eat any insects uncovered when the ground is being dug up. This has given them a nickname, 'the gardener's friend '.


Above, there are some eggs and below are some little chicks, who lack a red breast.

Baby robins


Robins each own a particular area called a territory. They defend their territory. Robins have a separate call formed of ticking sounds to use when they are annoyed.

Robins are so territorial that they sometimes attack there own reflection in water, thinking it is a bird.