WikidataMap user guide/What WDM can do for you

What is Wikidata Map?Edit

In short the Wikidata Map (WDM) App works like a search engine with additional functions.

WDM enables searching, local storing and processing of data which is contained in the Wikidata project.

In WDM mode you can search Wikidata items, (lexemes) words and properties.

In browser mode you can search with search engine startpage.

In db mode you can search and update entries.Those entries can be exported as xml file.

What is Wikidata?Edit

Wikidata is the central place for all Wikipedia and Wikimedia information.

There is nearly nothing on earth which is not referenced in Wikidata. Items / tags which are missing can be added or updated there according to their rules.

Future usageEdit

WDM (Wikidata Map) will enrich this data further and will get further functions for coding and translation.


Our WDM server is currently located in Europe. Normally your queries do not leave traces besides at the Wikidata server and in our logs.

Getting started