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In line with the idea of an Open Science approach, all OpenRewi materials undergo an open peer review process. Peer review improves the quality of the texts and the open nature of the review ensures that the entire process is transparent.


At the end of the writing phase of each book sprint, please move you chapter card on the Nextcloud Deck to the list ‘Peer Review’ and publish a short interim report on your chapter's Wikibooks Discussion page (to access the Discussion page, click the button next to the 'Book' button on the top left of the page on Wikibooks). This report should indicate on which parts of the draft you would most appreciate feedback. You can also state with which parts you are still struggling and what you plan on doing in the next sprint.

To start the peer review part of the writing sprint, everyone picks at least one chapter to review and lets the other team members know by assigning themselves to the card on the deck. Then, review the text, paying special attention not only to the content but also to whether the text follows the Instructions for Authors and Styleguide. You can correct grammar or typing errors immediately in the text itself. If you have any major criticisms, you should leave a comment in the text. At the end of the review, please leave a summary comment on the discussion page of the article with the following content:

  • What key message did you take away from the text (one sentence)?
  • What did you like about the text?
  • Where do you see potential for improvement?
  • What other aspects could be added?

Please be kind and constructive in your criticism of other texts. We all love our own texts and each chapter is still a work in progress, especially during the first two sprints.

Technical InstructionsEdit

Wikis are particularly well suited for an open peer review process.

Direct editing: You can make small corrections (typos etc.) directly by changing the article just like you would within your own chapter. Always remember to fill out the 'Edit summary' field before you hit 'Publish changes'.

Comments: Comments are only visible in the source code. You can use this syntax to insert a comment <!-- This is a comment.--> or just click on 'Insert' using the visual editor and select 'Comment' from the drop-down menu.

Please insert all your comments and make all your edits in one you, so that it will be easier for the author to see what you changed.

The final summary of your peer review belongs on the discussion page. Clicking on Discussion next to Project page in the top left corner of a chapter will take you to the discussion page of the page you are commenting on. End your post with your signature

-- Sué González Hauck (discusscontribs) 13:01, 20 July 2021 (UTC).Reply[reply]

You can simply click on 'Insert' in the toolbox and select 'Your signature'. This will leave a signature with your name and the date of the comment.