Wikibooks:Transwiki log

Note: To see a list of pages still requiring transwikiing, see Wikibooks:Pages to be transwikied.

This is a log of all articles moved into or out of Wikibooks via the Transwiki scheme. Please log which page was moved, and the address it moved to. If a page listed for transfer was deleted, please record the reason. You should sign your name using ~~~~.

Further details of the transwiki scheme can be found at m:Help:Transwiki.

Please add new listings to the bottom of this page.

Articles moved from this project to the Transwiki namespace of another project edit

See also: Wikibooks:Transwiki log/ja

(The possible move within the other project need not be recorded here)

Requests / suggestions:

That these should be moved to appropriate other language Wikibooks instead of being here. Will try and find the appropriate person to ask at each language WB, but language skills (mine!) may be an issue Unusual? Quite TalkQu 11:20, 10 March 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Pages moved from other projects to the Wikibooks Transwiki: namespace edit

Please see /Articles moved to here