Wikibooks:Semi-protection policy

Semi-protection of a page prevents unregistered users and users with very new accounts from editing that page.


  • Is not intended to prohibit anonymous editing in general.
  • Is not intended for pre-emptive protection of articles that might get vandalized.
  • Is not to be used for edit warring or revert wars.

Semi-protection is only applied if the page in question is facing a serious vandalism problem. It is not an appropriate solution to editorial disputes of any kind since it may restrict some editors and not others. Administrators apply semi-protection in the same manner as current full protection against vandalism is applied — either on their own initiative or following an alert on an article's talk page, requests for page protection, the staff lounge, or some other relevant page.

Semi-protection is only to be applied as a response to serious vandalism and not as a pre-emptive measure against the threat or probability of vandalism, such as when certain pages suddenly become high profile due to current events or being linked from a high-traffic website. Only when there is evidence of a serious problem of vandalism should semi-protection be applied. Do not semi-protect the Featured Article, unless the page is currently experiencing significant vandalism.

Administrators: note that semi-protection should only be considered if it is the only option left available to solve the problem of vandalism of the page. In other words, just like full protection, it is a last resort, not a pre-emptive measure.

To request that semi-protection of an article be lifted, a simple note on the article's talk page or the staff lounge should be sufficient, but the requests for protection page can be used if necessary. Requests to lift semi-protection should generally be unnecessary in the same way that unprotection after simple vandalism at present is generally swiftly seen to by either the protecting admin or another. When semi-protecting a page, add it to Wikibooks:Protected page just as you would for a fully protected page.

Articles that are semi-protected are indicated with {{sprotected}} and listed at Wikibooks:Protected page in the same way as protections are at present.

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