Wikibooks:Pages needing attention

Of course, every page on Wikibooks deserves special attention. But some entries deserve tender loving attention. If you come across a page that you think needs a lot of work, but have no idea how to approach it, list it here so that others can find it.

Newly created pages frequently require loving attention as well.

Please date your entries here. This makes it easier to judge when pages no longer need attention. Undated entries may be arbitrarily removed. You can sign and add the date at the same time by inserting ~~~~ (four tildes).

Please indicate the reason for listing a page. Pages listed with no reason given may be arbitrarily removed because another person might not understand your intent.

See also: Wikibooks:Requested Wikibooks

Modules that have good information, but need work for some reason

Card and Magic to a good start, but just needs a'lot added to it. Buddpaul 01:32, 5 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Modules that are subtly wrong

Modules that need a rewrite

Modules that need periodic updates

Some modules contain list or table with annual data. They need to be updated and review periodically. Some popular pages may be edited frequently between reviews, so they may be up to date when the review is up. But some less popular pages may not be updated periodically without a scheduled review. This section maintains a schedule to make sure these modules are not forgotten and become obsolete over time. Please reset the alarm clock after each review and reorder them chronologically.

  • First Aid: The standard revisions cycle is 5 years, and the last revision was 2005. Although the wikibook isn't done, it will have to be changed in 2010 (probably). As well, there may be position statements published before then, which should be included whenever possible.

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