Wikibooks:Naming policy

Naming convention

Each chapter or page in a book must start with the name of the book followed by a slash:

  • Book_Title/Page_name.

Books and pages may use either title- or sentence casing. The Wikibooks:Manual of Style recommends title casing for book titles to prevent clashes between title- and subject-categories.

See Help:Editing#Subpage links for more on sub-pages.

Non-compliant books

Some books don't use slashes to designate sub-pages. If you come across a book with pages that don't comply with this policy, please rename them (use the move tab at the top). If for some reason you are not able to move pages, add {{fix title}} to the top of the book. (Users must be autoconfirmed to move pages, and only administrators can move pages over existing pages.) You can also specify what to rename pages to by adding {{rename|[[new_page_name]]}} to the top of pages to be renamed.

Moving of a whole batch of pages is best done by a bot (e.g. when sub-pages have been delimited with a different character; the colon was a popular choice before this policy came into effect). Adding {{fix title}} to the top of the title page should be enough for a bot operator to eventually come along and take care of it (or an enthusiastic Wikibookian — feel free to count yourself as one). Alternatively, contact an active bot operator.

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