Wikibooks:Game textbook guidelines

Before continuing to read this guideline it would be advisable to initially consider if your specific game textbook would be suitably put here. Many game textbooks would be more appropriately on StrategyWiki.

Game textbook must be in a well organised book format edit

Game textbooks should not be pages and pages of short data, but instead be read as a book. Glossaries or other appendices are fine however.

Additionally, game textbooks should not have large amounts of short, stubby pages. Game textbooks should flow naturally, and a large amount of short pages would flow much better if merged into a single page.

Maintain a presentable quality edit

Game textbooks should look good, and be as valid as possible. There are plenty of low-quality or incorrect sites gamers can go to, Wikibooks should not be another one.

Game textbooks must be more than just a walkthough or database edit

Every wikibook should be a textbook in its own right. A walkthrough or database is not a textbook. Every game has its own walkthough already, be it at GFAQs or some other random place on the internet - so wikibooks does not need to repeat this. If you're looking for game guides, you might want to try Gameinfo or StrategyWiki. Encyclopedia articles about games are found at Wikipedia, for example Go and Super Mario Bros.. Wikiquote:Electronic games is a collection of quotes from computer and video games.

A useful question to ask is "Will my textbook be useful to non-gamers as well as gamers?". If you can say yes, then that is indicative that the textbook may be able to stay.