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The goal of Wikibooks is to create quality books. Books with similar content, scope and audience should be developed as a single wikibook in order to reduce the duplication of efforts. Forking books within the Wikibooks project, for whatever reasons, harms the project and is not an acceptable alternative to improving existing content or resolving disputes.

Separate books on a single topic increases the breadth of subject coverage if it appeals to different audiences or takes an significantly different, yet equally valid, approach. Note that an alternative viewpoint on the content does not qualify as a different approach since the neutral point of view policy requires that all viewpoints be covered.

Wikibooks covers a wide range of subjects, and many books on Wikibooks are stubs or incomplete. Wikibookians are encouraged to contribute to existing books instead of creating new ones. If the existing book is in poor condition, Wikibookians should add, rewrite and refactor existing text before requesting that redundant modules be deleted. Contact the projects reading room for comments on your project ideas.