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Resolving editing disputes edit

An edit war occurs when text is reverted repeatedly to a previous form or when repeated changes or minor additions are made that amount to a repeated reversion of text. If reversions occur more than three times any contributor or an administrator may create a disputed edit page, containing the disputed text, and revert the original text to the form that was present before the dispute arose. The live page may not be changed whilst the dispute is in progress. The disputed edit page may not be referenced on any of the pages of the 'live' book although it may be referenced in Talk/Discussion pages. The edit dispute must be resolved on the disputed edit page before integration back into the book. Resolution will have occurred if all parties agree, or failing this, and after a cooling off period of two weeks, if a majority of parties including a neutral administrator agree. PDF Files may not be created whilst a book has a disputed edit page and will be deleted if produced.

If an edit war is resolved the original contributors may not restart the same dispute. Contributors who do so may be suspended or banned.

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