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Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense

I can't believe Wikipedia had the nerve to copy this idea from us. ;-)

From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Missions/Home Coming edit

Hey this is K.C. from CV gimme an IV of straight coffee and some greens to keep me from goin' crazy, pickin' up this shit all day man my backs 'bout to break me. my friends all think I'm whack when I tell them I'm 'bout to slang some bags filled with this kid's crap. these hippies all want to hit me up for some acid as soon as I try to pass this plastic to them while they're sitting in their cars at the gate waitin' to get in 'cuz they're already late and the best bet to catch the next set would be to hop the fence but then you can guess what happens next. you find yourself at a show called casemaker that infiltrated by all these mutherfuckin fakers the next thing you know you're catchin all these headachs they took your mary jane so you can't stop the achin but whether or not it's bank i'm makin it's hot i'll be there rockin the spot pickin all the rottin shit up, i know you may never touch a maggot in your life but to me it matters i know that it ain't right for you to leave this place with your junk in my face so just bag it, the earth can't handle it the rest of us can't stomach and stand for it. so get up off your ass and pick up all your trash i know that you cats aren't used to all of that but it's what got to happen if you want to fit 6 billion people on this planet but don't fret when i'm out there working a sweat placin a bet on who picks up the next poopy tent cuz nothin excites hypes or sikes me more then seein my own human race disgraced an unnatural form.

From Lothlorien History: Fall 1990 - Summer 1995 edit

July through November 1994: Eric Ongerth needs a place to live after graduating and moving out of room 207. He awakes one summer night with a feverish, chocolate-powered dream of how to suspend a home in the redwood tree. Soon a one-room cabin begins to take shape in the tree right across from the third flor of North House. Working on it six days a week, Eric soon has a place to stay, and lives out a most beautiful year among the birds and squirrels, waking every day to brilliant sunlight, wooden beams, and the grind of traffic at the Prospect/Channing intersection.

By 1995 the treehouse grows infamous within the coop system and those members of other houses who eat the most granola and spend the most time drumming in the forest come and visit. Central maintenance personnel do their best to pretend it doesn't exist. The Daily Cal places the treehouse #1 on a list of "best places for a date".

From Wikiversity:Decision Science edit

To make decisions, you need to be very smart and think, wait....

From Enriquesjokes edit

Enrique's joke consist of a simple formula. Simply take a racist term, add a profane word, and follow it by some form of excrement. (ie; Wop's like to fuck crap). If this fails, then shout a string of obscenities, grab your penis, or pretend to hump something invisible.

Slim edit

One of the most respected ranch workers, with strong leadership skills. MOOOOOOOOO!

From Getting a date/Cautionary note edit

Getting a date, or worse yet, falling in love, can change the way you see the whole world. You may never be able to go back to the way you saw it before. You may even skip against your will, in public, where others can see you. Don't say you weren't warned.

More bad jokes edit

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Wikijunior New Book of the Quarter - April 1st, 2006 edit

Wikijunior New Book of the Quarter

2nd Quarter 2006 - Quantum field theory! Learn about the classical lagrangian field theory, variational principle and energy-momentum tensor.

Excerpt from Wikijunior Languages/Galactic Basic edit

Galactic Basic uses the "Aurabesh" script of writing. The Aurabesh look very different from standard English letters, but they still sound exactly like English letters. ... In real life, this language is English, but in the fictional Star Wars world, billions of people speak Galactic Basic, which is commonly called "Basic". ... Galactic Basic is spoken just like English. In fact, speaking English is virtually speaking Basic! So any English words you know are also part of Galactic Basic.

The only difference is that they are written in the Aurabesh script.