Arbitration is the last resort in solving dispute when all other methods have failed. Decisions are limited to individual cases and participants and do not set precedents. Parties to the dispute must agree to the help of arbitrators before the procedure may begin. Arbitrators' decisions are considered final and binding with no process for appeal.


The arbitrators should agree to run arbitration and be recognized by the parties involved in a dispute. The number of arbitrators isn't important but should optimally be an uneven number (1,3,...) as to facilitate reaching a conclusion.

Arbitrators do not need to occupy any other function on Wikibooks but should be experienced Wikibookians with a good knowledge of the project's policies and guidelines.

Wikibookians should remember that arbitration is a difficult job. Perfect solutions are rarely possible and in most cases none of the parties will be completely satisfied with the outcome.


Once arbiters have been selected and recognized by the parties, they must sketch out a process with a strict time-frame and clear rules. They hold sole power over managing discussions and may edit the arbitration pages at will for the benefit of the process.

A rough guideline for the process follows:

  1. Initiation: Arbiters set up a page outlining the arbitration; involved parties, disputed issues, agreements to arbitration and expected time frames for completion.
  2. Statements: Involved parties give their stance on disputed issues. Arbiters can ask direct questions for the purpose of clarification, offer the parties a chance to respond to accusations of wrongdoing, and modify the issues that are to be decided on in response to statements given.
  3. Decision: The arbiters will offer their findings and remedies.

The initiation of the process is voluntary, but parties must agree that the outcome is final. The process will be in conformance with the general decision process, where the parties give to the arbitrators the right to decide for them what the best outcome is.

The decision must respect the project's policies and guidelines and if need be administrative action may be required to enforce the final decision.

Past Arbitrations

  • Wikibooks:Arbitration/Panic2k4 vs. SBJohnny - The first, and so far, only attempt of an arbitration on Wikibooks, the process was usurped before it was completed. An alternative resolution to the problems described was found and agreed upon by those involved under a more general discussion within the Wikibooks community.

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