Wikibooks:Ad hoc administration committee

An Ad hoc administration committee of Wikibooks will consist of 3 administrators assembled for the purpose of enforcing policies. The committee is "ad hoc" in the sense that it will be formed in response to specific issues.

Role edit

To oversee Wikibooks policies and guidelines and provide final decisions on the interpretation and enactment of enforced policies. To oversee and adjudicate voting procedures.

Activities that should precede forming the committee edit

The party who spots an infringement of an enforced policy should:

  • Communicate with the offending party, informing them of the infringement and asking them to correct it. The infringement should be noted on the discussion page of the appropriate article.
  • After a negative response, or 2 days, they may revert or remove the offending item.

If these measures do not work then an administrator should be contacted with the following information supplied:

  • The article, discussion or talk page involved.
  • The enforced policy that has been infringed.
  • The nature of the infringement.

Decision taking edit

The committee will take decisions on the basis of a majority vote.

Forming the committee edit

Any administrator may call an ad hoc committee into being to address a specific issue of policy enforcement. Any three administrators may form the committee. Users may request an administrator to call a committee, upon receiving such a request the administrator must either call the committee or ask another administrator to do so.