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Programming Crash Course edit

One of the biggest blessing/curses of computer programming is that it’s so complicated, with so many concepts to apply to it. It’s a curse only that it could be hard to understand for even a novice at programming. But it is a blessing that more different approaches mean more possibilities.

First to understand is the algorithm, which is basically a set of phases in programming to arrive at a certain solution. There’s also the Function which like the algorithm is meant to carry out specific tasks. It also can helps make a program that much simpler to make when it comes to its source code. The source code is the set of instructions the computer understands to run a program. It’s a unique language in that out of context makes no sense to any human being; it serves to be comprehended solely by the computer. It comprehends it by putting it in a compiler, which converts the source code the computer can use to turn into a program.

Data types is how you classify the bits on information in each program, from integers to single characters. Variables work as containers that hold a certain value in a program that can be change, except when it comes to constants in which the value never changes. Another type of variable is the array, which instead of one value contains a list of values.

There can be sets of code in a program that only activate when a certain condition is met. The conditional only executes once when conditions are met, but the loops execute more than once, though not necessarily infinity.

There’s also class, something used in object-oriented programming in that it’s a template for real-world objects.