Introduction edit

WifiLapper is a free and Open Source Android Application that transforms your phone into a full featured Racing Data Acquisition system. WifLapper can transmit your lap times and sensor data from your car to a laptop running Pitside using Wifi or Cellular Data Network while the car is still racing.

Sensors data can come from either your car's built-in OBDII interface using a simple Bluetooth adapter, or through an external IOIO interface. Up to 16 Analog inputs and multiple digital inputs are supported by IOIO, allowing WifiLapper to record any sensor that outputs a voltage.

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Google Play Store edit

Install WifiLapper at the Google Play Store

Open Source edit

The code for WifiLapper was made Open Source under the GPL License. You can download the source code here:

WifiLapper Git Repository

Router Repeater Setup using WDS on Tomato/DD-WRT edit

Step-by-step tutorial for getting multiple routers playing nicely together to expand WifiLapper's range at the track.

Router Repeater Setup using WDS on Tomato/DD-WRT

Help with Wifilapper App Issues edit

Display Freezes

Help with Wifi Connection Issues edit

Speeding up Connection Times

Help with the Pitside Console program edit

Contribute to the Help file for using PitsideConsole.exe, the database/lap analysis program used in conjunction with Wifilapper on your phone. This content will be added to the program for user reference while at the track.

Pitside Console Help Files

Contribute edit

Want to help develop WifiLapper? Join the discussion at the WifiLapper Forum

WifiLapper Eclipse 4.2 Setup & Build Config
Get help setting up Eclipse to build the WifiLapper source code

WifiLapper Feature Request List
This is an archive of feature requests made in the Wifi Lapper forum. It is updated in infrequently, but serves as a concise and more organized version of the feature requests list, in contrast to the dynamic nature of the Wifi Lapper Feature Request forum. If you do have a Feature Request, please add it there first: