When It Hits the Fan/Generalities/Supplies

Beans, Bullets and Bandages


Supplies are the stable base that all successful plans are build upon. Things are not build and run from thin air, this works for armies, for a family unit or for the individual.

Conventional wisdom states that the best thing to stock up are beans, bullets and bandages. I will discuss the bullets and bandages later, but for now lkeI will focus on the beans.

Beans refers to human consumable resources, food and water. The food selection for your pantry should be selected so to be non-perishable, easy to parcel and transport, this means that that should have provide a high level of nutrition and energy per weight. Comfort and taste should be the last priority, these should be seen as your last resource being unappealing will promote slow consumption and the active search for alternatives. Of course you can put some threats aside but this should be small (good for trade) and in a very limited proportion.

  • Canned food, should be a staple item in any emergency supplies, cans beans, tuna fish and chicken.
  • Pasta, pasta can be brought in bulk and is also long lasting the only downside is that it requires water.


To do:
A good stock of water, vitamins, freeze dried backpacking food.

Bullets signify all not directly consumable resources. This can be candles, matches, batteries, light-bulbs and other. Of less importance than the first but will ultimately permit you to become more mobile and independent. As with food and water you should keep in easy to transport kits. Do not keep the items separated by type, this will reduce the chance of a catastrophic fail, separate them in parcels that have a bit of everything, better yet if they are all equal as it will permit you to have a better idea of what you are spending and remember were and what you have available

Bandages are all consumables directed for specific health emergencies or for general repairs. From duct-tape to first aid kits, alcohol all these items can be categorized as bandages, keep at least two items of each, the more the better but keeping two of each will permit a non conflictual division. Avoid to trade off any of these items unless you have an ample supply or can be easily replaced.



To do:
A camp stove or backpacking stove, Fuel

Skill enhancers

  • Lantern (with filters blue and red).
  • Infrared goggles (night).
  • Thermal vision.

Enhancement drugs or compounds, caffeine tablets...



Redundancy is having at least two items that have the same function. Redundancy can be extended if the same function is guaranteed by tow items that depend in different resources and/or have multiple function.

Multiple-functions are balanced by higher complexity, in maintenance, utilization and durability, this last one by the simple fact that they will be used more due to this feature.

For example you can use a electric lanterns and a kerosene lamps, both will provide light and depend in distinct resources. Also note that the resources have them-selfs multiple function, the lantern batteries should work for instance on the portable radio and kerosene will also enable one to if not power a generator to start a fire.

Resource extension


To do:
Water purifier, water filters.


To do: