What You Should Know About Medicines/Inflammation

Inflammation is a very common bodily mechanism, usually involved in the repair of damaged tissue. It is a complex phenomenon, where certain molecules are put in the blood stream by the damaged tissue and attracts particular blood cells to the area, which also release their chemicals, causing even more and different blood cells to arrive.

Without inflammation one would not heal a wound.

However, too much inflammation can be a problem as well.

  • An "overuse syndrome" is caused by a person who, for example, goes out the first day of spring and plays tennis for two hours, when they haven't played for months. Their elbow will be "overused", especially to the use it received the day before the tennis game, and the body's reaction will be to try to "heal" it through it's use of inflammation.
  • Certain races can have too much inflammation in wound healing, leading to the formation of a lot of extra skin, called a keloid.