Welsh/Mynediad/Lesson 6


Richard: Lisa, mae dy ffôn di'n canu!

Lisa: O, reit...(on the phone) Helo - beth sy'n bod? Beth wyt ti'n neud yn yr orsaf heddlu? Wel, dwi'n gorffen yn hwyr heddiw. Iawn. Ta-ra. (hangs up phone) Ah...plant. Oes plant gyda chi, Richard?

Richard: Oes. Mae un mab ac un ferch gyda fi.

Lisa: Mae pump o blant gyda fi. Pum merch.

Richard: Jiw jiw!


Cymraeg English
Ffôn Telephone
Yn At
Orsaf Station
Heddlu Police
Gorffen Finish
Hwyr Late
Oes Is there?
Plant Children
Gyda With
Plentyn Child


Welsh Vocabulary • Lesson 6 •  audio (upload)
Y Teulu   The Family
English Cymraeg
Mother Mam
Father Tad
Brother Brawd
Sister Chwaer
Son Mab
Daughter Merch
Dog Ci
Cat Cath

The Nasal Mutation
Original Letter After Mutation
C Ngh
P Mh
T Nh
G Ng


  • Of the 9 letters that mutate, the first six (C, P, T, B, D, G) can also undergo the Nasal Mutation.
  • Yn (in) and Fy (my, possessive adjective) cause a Nasal Mutation.
  • While in English we say, I have something, Welsh uses the pattern, There is something with me. Mae in Welsh translates as 'There is' or 'There are'. Mae plant gyda fi for example. To ask the question, use the interrogative version of mae, oes. Oes plant gyda chi?
  • To answer an Oes question, use Oes for 'Yes, there is' or 'Yes, there are'. Nac oes is the negative version, for 'No, there isn't' or 'No, there aren't'.