Welsh/Mynediad/Lesson 3


  • Learn how to negate sentences.
  • Learn more verbs and ask more questions.
  • Expand vocabulary.


Welsh Conversation • Lesson 3 •  audio (upload)
Gwers 1   Lesson 3
Geraint Shwmae, Morgan! Beth wyt ti'n wneud heddiw?
Morgan Dim byd. Dwi'n mynd i siopa yn y dref. Beth wyt ti'n wneud yma?
Geraint Dwi'n prynu bwyd. Gyda llaw, beth wyt ti'n wneud heno?
Morgan Dwi ddim yn gwybod. Pam?
Geraint Dwi'n cael parti gyda fy ffrindiau i! Wyt ti eisiau dod?
Morgan Dy ffrindiau di? Dim diolch.

Note: In previous lessons, we've been using "Dw i", though it can also be written and seen as "Dwi" (as above).


Welsh Conversation • Lesson 3 •  audio (upload)
Gwers 1   Lesson 2
Cymraeg English
Gwneud To do, to make
Mynd To go
I To
Yn y dref In the town
Yma Here
Prynu To buy
Gyda llaw Idiom 'By the way'
Heno Tonight
Gwybod To know
Pam Why
Cael To receive, to have
Eisiau Want
Dod To come
Dy ffrindiau di Your friends
Dim Diolch No thanks

Grammar PointsEdit

  • Ddim yn
  • Eisiau
  • More Verbs


  • To negate sentences, use the pattern ddim yn. E.g. Dwi ddim yn
  • Eisiau is one of the few verb nouns that does not use 'yn', so instead of 'Dwi'n eisiau dod', the correct usage is Dwi eisiau dod.