Welsh/Mynediad/Lesson 17

Dialogue edit


To do:
Script dialogue to include sickness vocabulary

Vocabulary edit


To do:
Introduce sickness vocabulary

  • Beth sy'n bod?
  • Teimlo
  • Annwyd
  • Y frech Goch
  • Pen Tost
  • Bigyn Clust
  • Bola Tost

Grammar edit

Beth sy'n bod? edit

This phrase means What's wrong?

More examples:

- Beth sy'n bod ar John?

- Beth sy'n bod ar Mary?

So you must use the preposition ar (on) with this phrase to ask about other people. Beth sy'n bod ar [someone]?

Like the preposition i (to, for), ar has several personal forms:

  • arna i (on me)
  • arnat ti (on you)
  • arno fe (on him)
  • arni hi (on her)
  • arnon ni (on us)
  • arnoch chi (on you)
  • arnyn nhw (on them)

In use:

  • Beth sy'n bod arna i?
  • Beth sy'n bod arnat ti?
  • Beth sy'n bod arno fe?
  • Beth sy'n bod arni hi?
  • Beth sy'n bod arnon ni?
  • Beth sy'n bod arnoch chi?
  • Beth sy'n bod arnyn nhw?

Talking about illness edit

Like when talking about possession, we must use the Oes/Mae patterns for talking about illness. Oes is for questions, and Mae is for statements.

Certain illnesses use the gyda (with) pattern:

Mae pen tost gyda fi.
I have a headache

Certain illnesses use the ar (on) pattern:

Mae annwyd arno fe.
He has a cold.

The general rule of thumb is: if the illness mentions a body part, use gyda. If the illness does not, use ar.

Review edit