Welsh/Mynediad/Lesson 12



To do:
Script dialogue to include past tense of gwneud. Introduce new vocabulary.



Welsh Verbs • Lesson 12 •  audio (info •x kb • help)
Gwneud (Gorffenol)   Past Tense of Gwneud
English Cymraeg English Cymraeg
I did, I made Gwnes i We made, We did Gwnaethon ni
You made, you did Gwnest ti You made, you did Gwnaethoch chi
He made, He did Gwnaeth e (South Wales) / Gwnaeth o (North Wales) They made, They did Gwnaethon nhw


To do:
Create more examples and uses of 'gwneud' past tense.

Beth wnest ti?

What did you do?

Gwnes i fy ngwaith papur

I did my paperwork.

Gwnes i orffen y prosiect

I finished the project.

Beth wnaeth e?

What did he do?


  • The past tense of gwneud can be combined with any verb to make it past tense. This is a formal, long way of saying the past tense.